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History-30 Years of HQ


Hua Quan established in 1982, funded by current director Mr. Mengbin Yuan and located in Xiao Yi County. Concentrate on all kinds of Water Treatment Filter Media.


Hua Quan build the first factory and cover area of 3400 square meters. Moving to the market of water treatment equipment products as Expansion joint, Rubber joint, Valve and Flange. The first factory named: Gong Xian Yulinzhuang water supply materials factory.


Build up the Basic Aluminum Chloride (BAC) plant. Produce the basic water treatment flocculant products for China market. Total asset of Hua Quan gains 500,000 RMB.


The name of Gong Xian county change to Gong Yi City. so the new name of Hua Quan has established. Hua Quan water supply materials general factory of Gong Yi City. Total asset of HQ increase over 1,000,000 RMB. Annual output of BAC 3000MT and 3000MT of filter media.


The Branding strategy has been execute by General Director Mengbin Yuan. TV meida, News paper advertising, sponsor of National table tennis Championship. The Hua Quan brand has sucessfully promote to the Domestic market.


The first Branch factory has builded. New factory has mainly manufactuering the Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC). Capacity of PAC is 5000MT per a year. The new flocculant has widely use in Chinese market for drinking water treatment.


Hua Quan professionally focused on water treatment flocculant and filter media products. To expension the capacity of PAC production and set up Second Branch factory of producing water filter media. Annual output of filter media increase to 20,000MT. Total asset fastly break the 10,000,000RMB.


For the developing needs, New Hua Quan factory has build up at Yinlin Industry estate. Total annual output of water treatment chemcal of 2000MT. Annual turnover is 40,000,000RMB. At same year, Hua Quan qualified the few number of ISO 9001 quality management system in China.


Hua Quan International marketing strategy: products have made an impact all over the world as well as in America, Australia, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Netherlands, Iran, Sudan, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and many other countries.


New name of Hua Quan has authorize of government: Henan Hua Quan water treatment supply materials general factory.


The company focused on a new approach to water treatment. This meant an increased emphasis on engineering and consulting services in addition to specialty chemical sales.


Hua Quan take care of Social responsbility and Environment responsbility. As the Environment industry, Hua Quan invest 1,000,000RMB for improve the factory production environment such as Recycle waste gas, Recycle solid waste.


Water treatment materials organization has established. General director Mengbin Yuan has been elected Chinaman of organization. At same year Hua Quan qualified ISO: 14001:2004 Environment management system.


General director Mengbin Yuan bas been elected vice-Chinaman of CIESC National Institute of Industrial Water Treatment. Hua Quan to participate in the frafting of the GB 15892-2009 (PAC National Standerd). Mr Mengbin Yuan is one of the draftman.


Hua Quan input of 10,000,000RMB for the new production line (Spry Dry tower) which produce high quality water treatment chemicals. Hua Quan incorporation with two subsidiary facotry, a raw materials company and an equipment company that for Hua Quan group. Group strategy: From single manufacturing become Production, marketing, and technical services for the integrated enterprise.


Hua Quan Three decades development created a brilliant chapter that always be the Hua Quan's dream. Clean Water, Clean World.