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Hua Quan water treatment company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of China. We are dealing water treatment products like Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC), Polyacrylamide (PAM), Anthracite Filter media, Active Carbon, Flocculants, Secoloring agent, oil filed wastewater chemicals.


* High Quality Products         * Competitive Rates

* Consistent Supplies           * Prompt Services

* Total Quality Assurance

We are very much aware of our buyers requirements and have successfully innovated our products to meet their requirements.

* Customize chemicals                * Free sample test

* Water treatment solutions         * Certificates of analysis are supplied with every batch


Hua Quan design build save wastewater treatment services

One stop wastewater treatment solutions: HQ provides you with a "one stop" solution for all your wastewater treatment problems, challenges or any other need. No mater what your wastewater need, we can help. Most importantly, you won't have to worry about the details, we'll just get it done for you.

Academic support

CIESC Institute Of Industrial Water Treatment Hua Quan has been joint the VIP member of the CIESC which the organization of the China industrial water treatment. This organization constitute with the top water treatment expert of the University around China. Hua Quan General director Mr Yuan inaugural with CIESC and take place the Vice- Chinaman. HQ has been collaborate in many fields.

Technological Solutions

Environmental challenges and rising costs are accelerating changes throughout the industry. Hua Quan water solutions & technologies helps municipal clients respond with cutting edge solutions based on innovative technologies.

Water Treatment: Our commitment to ensuring safe, dependable and affordable drinking water is backed by decades of hands on experience at hundreds of water treatment facilities around the world and cutting edge research capabilities. To ensure water supply quality and safty, we offer an solutions including: Pretreatment and purification, Specific treatments, Disinfection.

Wastewater Treatment: We provide all of the technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day to day wastewater treatment plant operations. Include: Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment & Reuse.


Sludge Treatment: Our designs minimize sludge generation in the initial phases of water treatmen. For sludge that remains after recovery, we minimize weight and volume and remove harmful substances prior to disposal.

Odour Treatment: Hua Quan has invested many years of R& D to develop odour free treatment plants that are acceptable both for those who work in the them and those who live in their vicinity. Method: Chemcal Treatment, Biological Treatment.

Special Report

Water campaingn provides safe drinking water in Asia, Africa and Latin America GENEVA, Switzerland, Green Gross and Giorgio Armani are launching a new global campaign aimed at providing thousands of people in Africa, Asia with safe drinking water.Armani for life challenge 2012 will raise funds through the sale and drive to install water supply systems.

Top five water myths 1.There is less water on the planet now than previously. 2. Water with vitamins is better for you than regular wate. 3. Drinking cold water causes cancer. 4. There are more pollutants in drinking water today than in the past. 5. Bottled water is better and safer than tap water.